Improving the healthcare system together

The BQS Institute is one of the leading scientific institutes in the German healthcare system. In a wide range of projects, we deal with how well patients and those in need of care are cared for. Our most frequent clients are medical societies, the Federal Ministry of Health, health insurance companies, hospital associations and other healthcare institutions. We accompany care facilities during the introduction of telematics infrastructure, and we survey citizens throughout Germany on aspects of their health care. We operate medical-scientific registers and publish on current issues of health care research.
Our strength is that we combine medical and scientific expertise, methodological, logistical and IT competence to a large extent in our dedicated multi-professional team. In this spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation, we realize our challenging projects. This working atmosphere also creates the basis for the high desirability of our jobs.
Under new IT management, systems are to be set up and operated for centralized contracts in accordance with the latest technical standards. At the same time, traditional system elements are to be gradually replaced by completely new modules that fit into the new IT architecture.

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