Scientific registers

Our services cover all aspects and subprojects required for the establishment and operation of a scientific registry.

Scientific registries prospectively collect patient and treatment data and enable longitudinal analysis. They provide an outstanding data basis for health services research, enable comparisons of methods and scientific support for the introduction of innovative treatment procedures or new health care concepts.

In addition to the scientific conception, the success factors of a registry include its competent and practical realization, which ranges from the collection instrument, to the data handling, to the organizational support of the participants. Our expertise covers all aspects required for the establishment and operation of scientific registries for quality measurement.

The high level of technological development of our registry software and registry consulting expertise allows us to build a modular structure for your project. No matter where you are, which partners you have already acquired, or which data sources you have already tapped, BQS will help you safely reach your goal in simple or highly complex structures.

Range of services

We have been designing register models for many years and have gained a wealth of experience in methodology and information technology. This does not mean that we cannot continue to think ahead about registry models. How will the issues in medicine change, how will the political framework continue to develop, and even how will the IT architectures for registries continue to open up? We meet this demand in the planning of the registry phases as well as the detailed services within the BQS Registry Life Cycle.

Correct planning and implementation of register phases

Services from the Register Life Cycle

The asthesis register world

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