Employee surveys in the hospital

Employees are an organization's most valuable asset, and employee job satisfaction is a critical success factor. Therefore, regularly evaluating the employee experience and taking measures to ensure employee loyalty are clearly needed.

In healthcare facilities, employee surveys provide the ideal complement to patient experience surveys. The staff perspective encompasses other quality indicators, including the work climate or physical work environment, which also impact patient satisfaction. Staff assessments are also more critical than patient assessments for most quality dimensions.

Goals of the employee surveys

The inclusion of the employee perspective is essential for quality analysis of all services and processes. We want to support you using the targeted survey to:

  • gain insights into work processes, needs and wishes of your employees,
  • derive targeted measures from the results,
  • create a foundation for increasing employee satisfaction and consolidating their loyalty.

Conducting the employee surveys

Interviews are conducted according to the scientifically based Picker method.

The basic elements include:

  • Anonymous surveys
  • Event-oriented questioning
  • Problem-oriented presentation of results

Online employee surveys

In addition to the traditional paper-based version, an online version is also available for the Picker employee survey. According to the Picker method for employee surveys, primarily online questionnaires are used and supplemented by paper questionnaires as needed.

Conducting the online survey differs from the traditional version only in that employees are contacted by e-mail and can participate in the survey via a web portal. The advantages include how simple it is to complete, the resulting high data quality and the cost savings for your institution.

Picker Mitarbeiterbefragung - Befragungsablauf

Results of the employee surveys

Thanks to our extensive benchmark database, you can benefit from valuable comparative reports and benchmarking. We offer detailed analysis based on your individual information needs.

For example, you can compare the proportion of negative employee feedback at professional group, department or company level with other companies. We can also provide you with priority matrices that show which factors, i.e. which survey topics, are particularly important from the employee's point of view. From these illustrations, you can see at a glance in which areas there is a need for action.

Picker Online Reports

For results provision we use our unique reporting system Picker Online Reports. With this web-based system, you can flexibly access your personal account via the Internet to retrieve and download your result reports. Within the scope of a dynamic user license, you can benefit from further design and filtering options, create additional users, and create and process your own reports.

Picker employee questionnaires and additional modules

  • Employees (also online)
  • Additional questions work and family I
  • Additional questions work and family II
  • Additional questions workload
  • Additional questions safety culture

Would you like to learn more about surveys using the Picker method?

... or planning an employee survey for your hospital? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to support you in planning, conducting and following up on the survey.

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