German CHANGE Award 2018

An award for quality and sustainability

Despite rising revenues, German hospitals are dissatisfied with the success of their earnings improvement measures, according to the Roland Berger Hospital Study 2017. According to the survey, the key to a sustainable improvement in results lies in successful complexity management and the support of managers and employees.

Felix Dorn, member of the management board of the BQS Institute and head of the German CHANGE Award initiative, comments: "Through our Picker survey projects, we repeatedly gain a deep insight into the hospitals, right down to the therapeutic, nursing, and also communicative workflows in the care process. There are plenty of ideas for improvements and optimization from the fields of medicine, nursing, economics and human resources. But only a few understand the "jump into the deep end" of the change process. What is very clear is that the sustainable winners take the managers and employees along with them in CHANGE via broadly based bottom-up processes. It is precisely these houses that are ultimately rewarded with a significant improvement in their survey results. Ultimately the "seismograph" of also economic success."

The BQS Institute for Quality and Patient Safety supports the further development of change management competence within hospitals with the German CHANGE Award initiative. The annual presentation of the German CHANGE Award is intended to highlight precisely this competence, which speaks for quality and sustainability, and to encourage imitation. After all, only successful hospitals can raise the economic resources to maintain and further develop quality and patient safety at a high level.

A high standard that is supported by an equally high-caliber jury. These include the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the German Hospital Federation (DKG), the Action Alliance for Patient Safety (APS), the Federal Association for Internet Medicine, the BQS Institute, UKSH and this year REDCOM AG.

Read more about the German CHANGE Award 2018 here and submit your successful project!

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