Why surveys make sense right now

Why surveys make sense right now

  1. Positive results motivate the team
  2. Critical results enable action to be taken
  3. Appreciation through surveys
  4. Surveys are needed for future quality management
  5. Reliable assessment of the facility by patients, employees and referring physicians

Gradually, regular operations are being resumed in German hospitals, patient numbers are rising and care obligations are being resumed. For patients and staff, the past weeks and months have been a time of tension and uncertainty. For patients, it is the fear of getting sick, not being able to receive treatment, and not being safe from infection in the hospital. For employees, it is the fear of job security, but also the fear of infection despite the hygiene rules in place. Now is a good time to take a close look at crisis management, to review hygiene plans and adjust them if necessary, to focus more on the issue of communication and information in the hospital, and to review what has worked well and where there is a need for action.

You know that patients, employees and referring phys icians can judge your facility well. With a survey using the Picker method, you will quickly and with little effort receive scientifically correct, valid and valuable information for analyzing your current situation and, where necessary, initiating appropriate measures to secure your future. As you know, it is often only small things that create a big effect.

Not to mention the appreciation of the respondents from the survey alone!

Even in the case of positive results (which happens more often than expected), you can be happy with the employees and colleagues about the positive evaluation, which is not insignificant for the mood and motivation of the teams.

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