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A clear statement PRO PATIENT for a common task without sector boundaries. First World Patient Safety Day 2019.

Hamburg 17.09.2019

First World Patient Safety Day

Efforts to ensure error- and harm-free medical treatment and medical healthcare know no sector boundaries and have long since ceased to be limited to hard healthcare data.

Felix Dorn, member of the management board of the BQS Institute for Quality and Patient Safety in Hamburg, comments: "Patients do not want sector boundaries. Patients want to become healthy and they want to support: according to health studies more than 70% feel this way. With the inclusion of patient experience and patient-reported medical outcomes, we have finally found ourselves as a perfect care crew. The Federal Ministry of Health has paved the way for this with the IQTiG methods paper. Now we just have to seize this opportunity for best excellence."

In its methods paper for structured quality surveys, the Institute for Quality and Transparency (IQTiG) will in the future base its findings not only on the care data according to §136 SGB V (external quality assurance of hospitals), but also on the Patient-Reported Experience Measure (PREM) and Patient-Reported Outcome Measure (PROM). The BQS Institute has been active in both areas for years. In the area of PREM, BQS collaborates with the Picker Institute Europe, Oxford.

Dorn continues, "Let's take a look at the future of care. We see not only the merging of sectors, but also the dynamics of digitalization, which clearly focuses on the patient and the patient journey. Inpatient or outpatient will soon no longer play a role, but only the best care. Digitalization will therefore also do us a great service in terms of patient safety. It will catapult us far in the direction of PRO PATIENT. That is why we are delighted about the commitment of the Patient Safety Action Alliance, which is working on this development not only nationally but also internationally and has now given us this first World Patient Safety Day to further raise awareness among care partners."

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